No more heavy lifting!

Revolutionary onboard loading system


Introducing EasyLoad

The EasyLoad is set to drastically alter the daily routine for companies dealing with transport issues. From now on, heavy and difficult types of loads can be loaded and unloaded by just one person. Safely and quickly and with the minimum of effort.

We are a UK/Ireland wide distributor & stockist of Motor cycle loading ramp solutions for both personal & commercial users. Established since 2003 Motorcycle Ramps is a division of Access Needs.

We source , stock & personally deliver motor cycle ramps from all the quality ramp manufacturers that includes the following brands but not limited to: AMF Bruns, Autolift, Feal, Guldmann, Kvistberga, Neo-Dyne, RampItaly, Ricon, StepConcept Worhan & others.

We offer new but also quality used ramps for lesser budgets. Our van loading solutions can provide pivot operation , mesh surfaces, electric operation, detachability ,motorcycle loading , and a full range lengths/widths/strengths.

All ramps available to suit the full range of van sizes & heights that customers use whilst offering solutions for exact needs and loading specifications.

Increase your Productivity and Save Time

The EasyLoad relieves drivers and employees and helps avoid Health & Safety at Work problems. The flexibility and productivity of your fleet increases through improved loading capacity and vehicle deployment. In many situations a second man (driver’s mate) is unnecessary.

EasyLoad offers mulitple solutions for companies with heavy equipment and load, for example:

  • Plumbing services
  • Sewage services
  • Landscaping & Garden Services
  • Road Construction
Sewage Services
Landscaping & Garden Services
Plumbing services
Road Construction

Easy Lifting

Eases lifting loads in and out and positioning them in the vehicle load area.

Up to 250 kg of even 500 kg

Maximum lifting capacity: 250 kg
Length when contracted in: 227,5 cm
Maximum load height: 300 cm (minus the height of the interior space)
Dead weight: 110 Kg (including winch, but excluding Installation frame)
Winch specification: 12V 100A
Winch operation: electric via pushbutton on hand-held unit
Slide system: electric via pushbutton on hand-held unit
Lifting speed: 10 cm per second
Cable thickness: Ø 5mm
Average installation time: 3 hours
Installation frames available: Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen etc.
Safety: CE ,NEN-EN-14492-2

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Distributed from Bridlington/Yorks. Demos available in Bridlington or at your location if agreed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Neo-Dyne MOTORCYCLE LOADER cost?

Please see the MOTORCYCLE LOADERS page and the MOTORCYCLE LOADERS ACCESSORIES page for pricing details.


How do I order a Neo-Dyne MOTORCYCLE LOADER?

We will need a few measurements so that we can give you the best suggestion for your particular needs.

Once you have all your measurements please
please contact us via our contact page.

Detailed description on How to Order


How does the Neo-Dyne MOTORCYCLE LOADER work?

We realized that most mechanically minded people have a cordless drill. So we designed the motorcycle loader to work using a cordless drill.

No effort, no need for special installations or batteries, no need to drill holes, or draw cables.

It should be a cordless tool using 18 or 24V, with an output of 50Nm.

In an emergency, the motorcycle loaders can be operated by hand using a standard 19mm wrench (3/4"). The same size like most wheel bolts.


Which Neo-Dyne MOTORCYCLE LOADER do I need for my specific Pickup and motorcycle?

The AUN 200 motorcycle loader will lift bikes into pick-up trucks with a load height of 900mm or 35".

If you have a crew cab pick-up truck like a Jeep Gladiator for example (with a short cargo bed) we can then cut the base ramp to suit your exact cargo bed plus tailgate length.

If on the other hand you have a long bed pick-up truck, you could use the AUN200 motorcycle loader together with the AC 004 tailgate adapter so that you can close the tailgate after loading the bike.


By how much does the Neo-Dyne MOTORCYCLE LOADER raise the motorcycle?

By approximately 85 mm. However if straps are used to compress the front struts of the motorcycle, the height rise is zero, or negative. For example if the client compresses the front struts 100mm, then the motorcycle can be loaded in a space 15mm lower than its original height.


Can I use your Neo-Dyne MOTORCYCLE LOADERS for a professional towing business?

If you wish to use our motorcycle loaders for your towing business, this does not pose any problem, however we advise to download our Maintenance Guide PDF, which you can find on our MOTORCYCLE LOADERS page, for weekly and monthly maintenance to keep the worm drive and lifting mechanism working as smoothly as possible.