Chopper builder uses Neo-Dyne ramps

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We recently got some awesome photos from one of our clients in Norway, showing his all-black painted Neo-Dyne ramp loading one of his custom built #choppers into a #Pickup, and we decided to do a short interview with him.



Norwegian builder

My name is Bjørn Smauget. I’m from Øygarden in Norway and I’ve been building custom choppers as a hobby since 1997, when I got my first chopper.


To build a chopper like the last one I built, it took me two and a half years and that´s depending on how many parts you make yourself. And waiting on specially made parts from custom shops and so on.


What’s your background?

I have always liked MC and specially choppers built with a Harley Davidson engine. I like the long low Swedish style choppers. My education is Chief Engineer school and I work as a Subsea Engineer now through my own company, Bjørns Mekaniske AS.


How is the MC culture in Norway?

The MC culture is very good and healthy in Norway. And there are people from all over Norway that now drive an MC. Normally I like to go to Sweden and Denmark for MC and Car events. But that as been stopped for 2 years now because of Corona and shit.



Why did you choose our loading system?

Several reasons:

  • It is very easy to install, no need to bolt it to the vehicle.

  • Takes a heavy load.

  • Can be used in Vans because you get the bike in the same level as the car before you push it in.

  • It takes only one person to load the bike.

  • You can use the loader for other things besides bikes.

  • Best of all, it is very good for Choppers!


Our solution for Bjørn’s loading needs


We have developed an extra-long extension, specifically made for loading choppers which can have an extremely long wheel base. He used our AUN 200 ramp (2.5m long) with the AC023 chopper extension.


This extension is fixed semi-permanently to the ramp and allows for safe driving with the chopper loaded.


Bjørn was kind enough to make a video to show his new chopper loading into a Pickup using this combo:



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